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Start With Tradition

Start With Tradition

by Daniel Caballero |

Everyone says it: good food begins with the right ingredients.  But this means more than just quality to us.  We’re also hyper focused on what tradition has to say about what gets used where and why.  In other words, we could make our Cuban Black Beans spicy, but that’s going to get you in trouble at most Cuban joints we grew up eating at.  You could say we’re not just clean label—we’re also clean tradition.

But that’s not to say you can’t mix things up.  What you do with FILLO’S is up to you—an idea that inspired our tagline: Keep Traditions Fresh.  Like ripping hot Congrí?  Have at it.  Peruvian Lentil and shrimp wrap?  Sure.  Prefer your Tex-Mex Pintos on toast points with crème fraîche?  Whatever you’re into.  

Just one thing: show us—in an email, on IG—how you do FILLO’S.