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Top That

Top That

by Fred Schlatter |

Tacos are about choice.  Which tortilla, what filling, how to top—the endless variations keep things interesting.  But if you’ve ever stood in line, sweating your order, think about keeping it classic: carne asada topped with cilantro and onion.  

There’s strange chemistry in this plain little package.  The muted tortilla works with the salted and lightly charred beef, which in turn calls out for something sharp and herbal.  Salsa verde would be good, but lacks the texture of fresh onion and cilantro.  Altogether, each bite is equal parts rich, soft, crunchy, bright and chewy.  Perfection.  

Also—and not to get too misty-eyed here—but there’s something homey and appetizing about how the green and white flecks look mingling with the meat and grease, all wrapped up in fresh tortilla.  It looks like summer.  It looks like familia.