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The Simplest of Sunday Dips

The Simplest of Sunday Dips

by Fred Schlatter |

Set the oven to 400 degrees.  Empty both pouches into a blender. Buzz on high until completely puréed.  Spoon into an oven safe casserole or bowl.  Using the same spoon, create an irregular pattern of ridges and valleys on the surface of the beans. Blast in the oven until hot and crusted over—perhaps 10 minutes.  Don’t be afraid to push it longer—you want plenty of color and crust.  Let it cool for a few minutes. Drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil, and hit with a generous handful of crumbled cotija cheese and chopped fresh cilantro.  Serve with chips, pico de gallo and fresh avocado.  


FILLO’S Tex Mex Pintos X2

Handful cotija

Handful cilantro

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Easy bean dip using FILLO'S Tex-Mex Pintos