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The Fresh (Sofrito) Test

The Fresh (Sofrito) Test

by Daniel Caballero |

Open a pouch a FILLO’S and get your face over it.  What you get is that punch of fresh vegetables cooked in extra virgin olive oil—way different than the dehydrated flakes and powders found in most packaged food.  What you get is sofrito, the super-flavorful base behind most Latin American dishes.  If you grew up with it, what you get is ten ounces of home.

But don’t forget about the beans and grains.  We source the premium stuff.  They’re loaded with proteins and starches, and as they cook, break down and thicken the sofrito into a fragrant, mouth-coating flavor bomb.  The result is food that usually takes hours to cook at home, available anytime you crave it.  We’re proud of that. 

Not many other pouches of anything can say the same.