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Starting Point

Starting Point

It’s a simple enough idea, but there’s no harm repeating it: good food begins with the right ingredients.  But for us this means more than just quality. 

While we seek out premium beans, grains, spices and vegetables, we’re also mindful of what tradition has to say about what gets used where and why.  More often than not, this means restraint—using spices and aromatics with care, seeking balance above all.  In other words, we could make our Cuban Black Beans spicy, but that’s not how they’re typically made.  Our ingredient lists honor nutrition and tradition in equal measure.

Now what you do with FILLO’S is up to you.  Like ripping hot Congri?  Have at it.  Prefer your Tex-Mex Pintos on toast points with crème fraîche?  Go nuts. 

Just one thing, though: tell us about it!

Plate of Cuban Black Beans