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Slowly Now

Slowly Now

Quesadillas are a staple of lunches and busy weeknights mostly on account of ease.  A few tortillas, whatever cheese you have banging about, a pan: tada.  But if you take the time to think about the components, technique, garnishes, and sides, the humble quesadilla easily ascends to elevated meal status. 

First the tortilla.  Choose wisely: when pan fried (more on that in a second) a corn tortilla will go crispy while retaining some chew, whereas flour ones tend more toward a floury toothsomeness, with slightly crispy edges.  The former are smaller (a quesadilla tasting?) while the latter’s larger diameter makes them ideal for folding over or sharing.  The best solution?  Alternate.   

The cheese question is a big one as well, but there’s a simple answer: don’t choose—combine.  The three we like are Oaxaca, for its stringy meltability, Chihuahua, for its funk, and cotija for its sharp salinity.   Build your quesadillas in advance, either sandwiching the cheeses between two or folding one over its filling. 

Technique is important as well.  Get a heavy pan over a medium flame, and let it heat evenly.  add more olive oil or butter than you think, and let the quesadillas slowly cook, basting as you go.  Flip, repeat, flip, repeat, flip, repeat.  You should now have a lovingly melted, golden, crisp and rich quesadilla.

Garnishes should be zippy and acidic—like a fresh salsa criolla—but often a sprinkle of cotija and/or MÁGICO can be just as good.  Serve with FILLO’S, obviously, and a side salad or more salsa.  Quesadillas, elevated.

Quesadillas and FILLO'S Sofrito Beans