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Shrimp, meet corn. 

Shrimp, meet corn. 

Have you met tortilla, and pico de gallo?  No?  Well the four of you are going to get along great. 

Sprinkling sofrito spices on corn and shrimp tacos.

Shrimp and Corn Tacos

12 peeled and deveined shrimp

2 ears of fresh corn

1 tablespoon of MÁGICO Yucatan Sofrito Spice

1/2 cup of fresh pico de gallo

6 corn tortillas

olive oil

Remove the husks and silk from the corn and run a sharp knife down each side, collecting all the kernels.  Mix with the shrimp and season the mixture with MÁGICO.  Heat a pan with a few swirls of olive oil and sauté the mixture until cooked through.  Meanwhile heat the tortillas until pliable.  Assemble the tacos and top with pico de gallo.  Serve with FILLO’S Tex Mex Pintos.