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Riquísima Quesadilla

Riquísima Quesadilla

by Fred Schlatter |

That staple of your weeknight arsenal could use a plant-protein upgrade.  We recommend a generous heap of Cuban Black Beans.  Not only do they provide a savory punch amongst all that muted cheese, the contrast in colors just pops off the plate—especially with a little extra quick sofrito on top. 

First, make a sofrito using diced onions, garlic, whatever bell or other pepper you have, and a dash of your favorite MÁGICO—all gently fried in extra virgin olive oil.  While that cooks, warm a pan or griddle.  Stack a tortilla with a layer of full fat melting cheese (Oaxaca, Chihuahua), a tablespoon or two of beans, more cheese and a second tortilla.  Let cook until the bottom layer of cheese melts.  Using an angled spatula, carefully flip, using your other hand to support the stack.  Repeat one or two more times per side until well melted, crisp and warmed through.  Top with your sofrito and serve with fresh avocado.

Quesadilla with FILLO'S Cuban Black Beans and fresh Sofrito