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Rethinking Leftovers

Rethinking Leftovers

Big leftover fans over here.  But around the holidays they can pile up fast, challenging both appetites and fridge space.  The trick, we’ve found, is to transform them into new breakfast, lunch and dinner options rather than just reheating. 

Leftover pork or beef roast?  Try frying up a few medallions with eggs in the morning—perfection with a side of spicy Tex-Mex Pintos.  Or try slices cold between toast with a bowl of Panamanian Garbanzos for lunch. 

Leftover ham is just begging to be made in to a bean soup.  Simply cube the ham, brown in a large pot with onions, add a few pouches of Mexican Mayocobas, an equal amount of water, and simmer for an hour.  But we’d be just as happy warming up a pouch of Cuban Black Beans next to a few slices of ham and Swiss griddled into brioche with pickles and a slathering of mustard—an almost medianoche, made complete if you still have some of that roast pork around. 

Maybe you went overboard on the crackers or chips, and are wondering what to do with the extras.  Dip, of course.  Empty a pouch or two of Puerto Rican Pink Beans into the blender, loosen with a little water and whizz until smooth.  Plate it wth a drizzle of olive oil—congrats: you’ve just one-upped hummus.  Or, if you’re feeling fancy, top your chips/crackers with a spoonful of Peruvian Lentils and a dollop of sour cream.  Can you say canapé?

If none of these hit the spot, browse the recipe archive here for more ideas.