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Pantry Goals

Pantry Goals

Lunch Break Beans

#pantrygoals has something like 100k posts on instagram, so pantry envy must be a thing.  But who cares about color coded cereal and alphabetized grains?  From a practical perspective, it’s all about those cozy Sunday mornings when the urge to bake strikes.  Or that rainy Tuesday night when you arrive home to an empty fridge.

A solid pantry is divided into two occasions: scratch cooking, and ready-to-eat.  The former means stocking a few different kinds of rices, plenty of dry pasta, nuts, flours, and enough spices to cover everything from banana bread to barbacoa.  This is the essential stuff of countless caldos, paellas, empanadas and breads.

The ready-to-eat side of the equation should abide by a simple rule: maximum impact for the time it takes to prepare.  When you’ve got a minute between calls to make lunch, whatever comes out after the beep must deliver.  And not just in terms of flavor; when you cook from scratch, you know what you’re eating, so why shouldn’t the same hold true for convenience foods?  That’s where FILLO’S sofrito meals come in—clean ingredients, on demand.