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Mango Plus

Mango Plus

You might want to skip this one if you are sensitive to gilding lilies.  Fresh mango might be one of the great pleasures in life, but every time we slice one open, we can’t help but crave a little chili seasoning.  Something with a little lime-laced heat, or a savory tomato and garlic situation. 

Enter MÁGICO, our line of finishing spices.  Based off a few of our favorite regional varieties, we managed to cram all the flavor found in a fresh sofrito into a potent little canister of seasoning salt.  MÁGICO also works as a savory rub, in sauces, marinades or a as a finishing punch to a fully cooked dish.  Oh—and in cocktails too, as a rim or dash over the top.  Versatile stuff. 

Seasoning Mango with Sofrito Spice

Available in Cuban, Panamanian and Yucatán varieties, as well as a variety pack.