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Is It Saturday Morning Yet?

Is It Saturday Morning Yet?

Beer and wine are the more likely beverages around here, but there’s always room for the queen of the classics—the Bloody Mary.  We like them savory, salty, and sometimes even fiery with the addition of our own Sofrito Spice.  Here’s an insider tip: don’t just rim the glass.  Squirt some lime juice on the celery stalk and shower it with MÁGICO for a far more functional garnish. 

Sprinkling bloody mary with sofrito spice

MÁGICO Bloody Mary

1.5 ounces premium vodka or plata tequila. 

4 ounces of premium tomato juice

Liberal shakes of MÁGICO

Plenty of ice

Celery stalk

Lime juice


Moisten a tall glass with lime juice.  Shake out a bunch of MÁGICO onto a dish and rim the glass.  Fill it with ice and tomato juice, and shake a liberal dose of MÁGICO.  Stir to incorporate.  Float spirit of choice, or stir through.  Moisten fronds of celery stalk with lime juice and cover it in MÁGICO. Garnish with stalk and lime wedges.