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Go Home.  Go Big.

Go Home. Go Big.

Ignore the ads for pumpkin spiced lattes and holiday party planning.  Literally, figuratively, realistically and practically speaking, it’s still summer.  Labor Day isn’t the end of anything.  It is, however, an excellent excuse to gather at home around something grilled.  Or, better yet, several grilled things.  Our choice: a big mixed grill. 

Argentina’s parrillada mixta is probably the most well known version, but it has fairly strict guidelines.  By all means go that route if you can get your hands on all the right cuts.  But we’re just as happy with choosing a few different cuts, perhaps some chicken or fish, and a few vegetables all thrown together on a platter.  Ideally there’s some thing cooked low and slow, like a pork shoulder, something flash grilled over ripping high heat—skirt steak is a favorite—and maybe a few items for those who don’t do red (or any) meat.  The goal is to provide a variety of flavors and textures on a single platter or board. 

Lastly, don’t, whatever happens, forget about the sides.  Sliced raw tomatoes, limes, onions and torn parsley or cilantro provide much needed acid and tang to an otherwise rich spread.  No one ever complains about too much fresh bread at a mixed grill.  Sofrito beans or grains in any variety make a perfect base.  And seasoning salt for those who like to customize their choices.

Mixed Grill with FILLO'S Sofrito Beans