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Dip Tip

Dip Tip

With football season in full swing, and a mess of holidays right around the corner, thoughts once again turn to dips.  With the onslaught of ambitious options that appear each year, we’re reminded of why the classics remain, well, classic. 

Guacamole is rich, savory and indulgent.  Salsa is racy, zippy and fresh.  And, finally, there’s bean dip—the hearty, satisfying and most substantial of the triumvirate.  Together these three elevate chips and dips to meal status, and leave other game time snacks in the dust. 

One curveball, though.  Consider FILLO’S Sofrito Beans for the bean dip.  You can serve it warm, chilled or room temperature.  It’s chunky right of the pouch, the whole beans punctuated by robust vegetable flavor from the sofrito.  Or, if you want something smooth, simply empty a couple pouches into a blender and whiz until smooth.  An extra drizzle of olive oil and shake or two of MÁGICO for garnish never hurt.

Game time spread of chips and dips, including FILLO'S Tex-Mex Pintos