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Hot and Fast

Hot and Fast

It’s easy to get behind the chicken thigh craze.  Compared to other parts of the bird, thighs are tender, juicy and flavorful—and when boneless and skinless, exceptionally easy to cook.  They’re also versatile, working just as well on a bed of rice and beans as they do chopped into a salad or on a roll with pickles and mayo. 

Charred Chicken Thigh Tacos

But there’s a special case to be made for chicken thigh tacos.  Where so many tacos lean on a slow-cooked filling for deep flavor (birria, barbacoa, to name just two), when time is tight and stomachs empty, chicken thighs can be grilled, chopped and in a taco ready to serve in the time it takes to round everyone up.  And not at the expense of flavor; fast cooking boneless skinless thighs over a ripping hot grill is probably the best way to cook them as the meat remains tender and moist despite quite a bit of char for deep flavor.   

Just like carne asada tacos, keep the toppings simple: chopped cilantro and onion, with perhaps a dash of hot sauce or cotija.  As for sides, Mexican Mayocobas or Tex-Mex Pintos are natural fits, but for a more substantial meal a few pouches of Puerto Rican Rice and Gandules work really well.


Chicken Thigh Tacos

6-10 boneless skinless chicken thighs

12 corn or flour tortillas

1 onion

6 sprigs of cilantro

1 tablespoon of Mexican oregano

3 limes

olive oil


Heat a grill on high.  Season the chicken thighs with salt, oregano, a splash of olive oil and the juice form one lime.  Grill over high heat until crispy and cooked through, flipping once or twice.  Heat the tortillas, dice the onion and roughly chop the cilantro while the chicken cooks.  Chop the chicken, and load the tortillas, garnishing with cilantro and onion.  Serve alongside FILLO’S.