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Center of the Plate

Center of the Plate

Easy Peruvian Lentil Dinner Salad

To make better salads, you have to give them respect.  Start by thinking of salads as the main event—the meat and potatoes, so to speak, rather than the starter or side dish.  But to bump salad up to star status requires some minor reengineering. 

The base can remain largely unchanged—greens of any and every description—tossed in a favorite vinaigrette and plated in a mound.  Next should come something more substantial.  We favor sofrito beans, Peruvian Lentils being a favorite around here as they work equally well warm or cold.  The last layer should be something texturally different; a bright, citrusy relish or toasted pine nuts or a few shavings of sheep’s milk cheese.  A couple grinds of black pepper or a scattering of chile flakes and you’re done.  Fork and knife definitely required. 

Easy Peruvian Lentil Salad

Thinly slice a quarter of a red onion, half a fresno chile and a generous handful of cilantro.  Dress with olive oil, lime juice and salt and toss.  Fill a bowl with bibb lettuce and dress with the same as above.  Toss, top with 4-5 tablespoons of FILLO’S Peruvian Lentils—warm or cold.  Top with the onion mixture and serve.