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A Last Minute Scramble

A Last Minute Scramble

Brunch is an inevitability.  With friends, with family—at some point this holiday season someone you know will suggest a last minute non-meal-time morning meal, and you will have to burst into action.  Our solution: Carolina Peas and Rice with soft-scrambled eggs.  It’s equal parts cozy, unexpected, deeply satisfying and remarkably easy.  But a few tips to make things truly sing:

-Figure three eggs per person

-Crack and beat your eggs in advance, but wait to season

-Warm platters and/or plates in a very slow oven

-Microwave the FILLO’S first, but plate only once the eggs are done

-Use butter over medium heat and keep the eggs moving with a whisk or large fork

-Season the eggs once small curds have formed and keep them moving until you plate

-Suggest one of your guests host next time