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Unsung Hero

Unsung Hero

por Fred Schlatter |

The grill gets all the glory, and the microwave all the points for practicality.  But your oven can easily unlock both massive flavor and set-it-and-forget-it ease with a flick of the wrist. 

Find the broil setting, and while your oven heats, prep your food.  We favor mixing MÁGICO in roughly equal parts to olive oil, and brushing everything from vegetables to fish to half a chicken with the mixture.  And don't be in a rush to get whatever you're preparing in the oven; the longer things sit seasoned, the more flavorful the end result.  

The longer (read, bigger/thicker) the item takes to cook, the lower it should go in the oven.  So for steak or chicken, place your pan on the lowest rack.  Flip three or four time while it cooks, and what you end up with is a nicely browned, moist result where the juices have self-basted the food rather than dripped into the coals.  Easy, right?