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Time to Layer

Time to Layer

por Fred Schlatter |

Eating this time of year can be tricky.  For most of the country, the days are still warm, but evenings can be cool, suggesting heartier, flavorful preparations.  What you need are dishes that nod toward the cooler months ahead without abandoning summer’s bright flavors 

This is when layering flavor comes into play.  Start with a good base of rice and beans—Puerto Rican Rice & Gandules being a great all-purpose choice.  Next up should be something quick-cooking, like chicken strips, pork chunks or shrimp, generously doused in MÁGICO.  Toss in a skillet over high heat with a swirl or two of olive oil and—pow!—dinner.  Serve with a side salad  of the season’s last tomatoes over arugula.  Smile: you’ve just made the perfect between-season meal. 

Sautéed shrimp with Puerto Rican rice and gandules